About our perfume

Quality is everything

We are generic perfume, NOT copy perfumes

“Ag, it’s just a cheap copy!” is something we hear all the time, so let’s deal with this elephant in the room. There are approximately 30 major perfume oil suppliers in the whole world. As a result, the designer fragrance houses buy their concentrate (oils) from some of the same suppliers as us. These suppliers sell directly to anyone and are therefore publicly available. The brand names and logos are copyrighted so we can’t copy their appearance.

In one respect this statement is true – we are “cheap” because the truth is that ALL perfume is cheap (the oil in a 50ml original designer perfume bottle costs about R20). We’re just being open and honest about it and passing this low cost directly onto you.

You can identify “fake” or “counterfeit” perfumes by the matching appearance with a subtle tweak of the name. It’s obvious they are trying to trick you into thinking you are getting the original eg: The copy of “Chanel No 5” might be sold as “Channel No5” and use packaging that looks like the original. The brand’s appearance and logos are copyrighted so this a breach of copyright and is just plain sneaky.

In buying our perfumes, you are supporting South African jobs – you are not supporting crime or global perfume syndicates.

Our generic perfumes smell the SAME as the originals

Of course they smell the same as the original designer fragrances. There wouldn’t be much point selling perfumes that don’t deliver.

We buy the best quality oils we can lay our hands on and regularly perform internal smell tests to ensure they are the best possible matches available to us. We have even held public, blind smell tests and results have always come up positive with the vast majority unable to tell the difference between Fine Fragrance Collection generic perfumes and their original designer versions (Usually, the only difference noticed is in the strength and we know why – we have a much higher dosage)

Our generic perfumes last LONGER than the originals

This a bold statement for us to make – that our generic perfumes last longer than the original. How is it possible that our perfumes are better than theirs?

Dosage! We put 35% perfume concentrate in every Fine Fragrance Collection perfume. This is way more than the originals whose dosages range anywhere from 7% to 28%.

This higher dosage results in a longer lasting perfume. This allows you to use less each time resulting in further value for money.

Learn about the perfume industry as a whole

We debunk 7 myths about perfume, how it’s made and how the industry works. Once you watch this, you’ll never see perfume in the same way ever again.

We released this documentary in 2018. In the last 3 years, not a single designer perfume brand has even approached us regarding it, let alone sued us take it down. Probably because there is nothing in it they can claim as a lie – their silence is proof of its truth.

Read the full transcript here:  odourthedocumentary.com

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