Become an agent and start your own business

Fine Fragrance Collection (FFC) the world’s number one generic perfume brand announces the launch of the world’s most profitable direct selling opportunity.

Why do we make the claim “most profitable”? Let’s start with the numbers. Firstly, you BUY our perfumes for R30 and you SELL them for R60. You DOUBLE YOUR MONEY! Secondly, at R60 our designer perfumes are the most affordable designer perfumes in South Africa. The demand for our products is HUGE! If you combine points one and two you undoubtedly have – the world’s most profitable direct selling opportunity!

Then the process of becoming an agent is EASY! There are no sign-up fees, no different levels that you have to aspire to, which makes the sales process impossible to understand. You don’t have to recruit 847 of your closest friends and family members to help you sell and there’s no varying discount structures. Our process is totally straight-forward and UNCOMPLICATED!! You buy a bottle of our designer perfume for R30 and you sell it for R60. It’s that SIMPLE!

ONE structure ONE level! Buy for R30, sell for R60! However, to become an agent for FFC, you will have to buy a starter pack of 60 preselected bottles of perfume for R1800, in other words R30 each. This will include at least one bottle of all our products and 2 or 3 bottles of the top sellers. This starter pack is worth R3600 when you sell them all. DOUBLE YOR MONEY!

Become an agent today

Click the button below to go to to purchase your starter pack and start your business as an agent today.

Together, we’ll take FINE FRAGRANCE COLLECTION, South Africa’s most desired designer perfume to the people! The people who want and deserve to smell great at an affordable price!