Why Agents Now?

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Why are we adopting this new direct selling method to grow our business? From Day 1 it was always our strategy to approach shopping centres and malls to secure space for our kiosks. Once the space was secured, we would install a kiosk and run it to see if it became profitable. Once we knew that it was a profitable opportunity, we would then offer the kiosk out as a franchise.

This strategy was blocked by most of the owners of the shopping malls and centres we approached for kiosk space. They refused our requests. We were shocked by their reaction, as our history shows that our Fine Fragrance Collection R60 designer perfumes are the most desired perfumes in South Africa! And as such, we couldn’t understand why the shopping centres didn’t welcome us with open arms!

Let us explain why the shopping centres refuse to accommodate our kiosks:

We sell generic versions of the top 40 original designer perfumes in the world. Our perfumes which cost a mere R60 per bottle smell exactly the same as the originals and last longer. At R60 per bottle, our perfumes are at the lowest price for a bottle of designer perfume in South Africa! Surely the shopping centres and malls would love it if their customers had the opportunity to buy our affordable perfumes? But they refused us entry! So why would the shopping centres not want us there?

The answer is simple! Shopping centres charge rentals to their tenants! This is how they make money. And there are lots of tenants who sell perfume, which equates to lots of rental money! This is what makes the shopping centres fearful of Fine Fragrance Collection. They are afraid that their tenants who sell perfumes which are of inferior quality to our perfumes, at much higher prices, will go out of business. They realise that if we come into their centres, the consumer will eventually only buy from us, because we offer the best value for money!  Our presence will also negatively impact on the perfume sales of the major retailers who sell the originals at vast cost, which would also result in the loss of more rental income.

But what about the customers? Denying customers the right to buy affordable good quality designer perfume at R60 is surely wrong? This is our opinion and we’re not afraid to voice it! If we don’t fight for the rights of the consumer to smell great at an affordable price, then who will? But we think we are losing an uphill battle against big corporations that put profit first, over the rights of the people to smell great!

But we’re not giving up! We have devised a plan to sidestep these big corporations that deny people the right to smell great at an affordable price! And to implement this plan we’re asking the hustlers, the traders and the entrepreneurs that live amongst us, to become agents for the most desired and affordable perfume brand in South Africa – Fine Fragrance Collection! And when they do they will DOUBLE THEIR MONEY! A classic WIN WIN!

So, join us today and become an agent! Then buy a bottle of the most desired and affordable designer perfume brand in South Africa for R30 and sell it for R60! DOUBLE YOUR MONEY! And together we can bypass the roadblocks that the designer perfume establishment and their retail collaborators are putting in our way.

Together, we’ll take FINE FRAGRANCE COLLECTION, South Africa’s most desired designer perfume to the people! The people who want and deserve to smell great at an affordable price!