Is L’Oreal going to sue us?

October 2022

So this was an interesting (and anonymous) email we received from L’Oreal’s Trademark Enforcement “something or other”.

They think our customers are confusing their uniquely branded [aka: expensive] glass bottles that retail at +-R1500 with our generic plastic perfume bottles that sell for R60.

Just for the record… counterfeit products try and “pass themselves off” as an original product. We sell generic designer perfumes that smell the same as the originals and last longer on the skin.

(How ironic that L’Oreal’s Trademark Enforcement department spelt “infringement” incorrectly in the subject of this letter of demand). They must be really serious!!


Is this Price Fixing?

June 2022


Here is a direct pricing comparison (of 40 original designer perfumes) we did in March 2022 between Woolworths, Edgars, Truworths and Foschini.

These are also the 40 perfumes we stock the generics of. Our price for a 30ml generic (that smells the same and lasts longer than the original version) of all of these perfumes is R60.

When you look closely (or even not so closely) at the original designer perfume prices in the stores surveyed, you may notice a very conspicuous “similar/same/identical” tendency… or is it just a conspiracy theory?


Sunday Times Franchise Opportunity

April 2022

Children of the Dawn donation

March 2022

On November 21, 2021, we issued a public challenge to the Perfume brands (see below).

Even though they failed to respond, we still made a donation to a charity in good faith.

We donated R100,000 to Children of the Dawn. 

Our Sunday Times Challenge

November 2021

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