30ml Scandal by Jean Paul Gaultier


This is the generic of Jean Paul Gaultier’s Scandal.

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Scandal's key notes of the composition are blood orange, honey, patchouli and gardenia, which united share a creamy, earthy and balsamic gourmet effect, with warm, deep, woody undertones.

Note:  The Fine Fragrance Collection generics have a higher concentration of perfume oil compared to the original designer perfumes. Please use them sparingly until you establish what’s right for you.

CAS NumberRaw materials Name
24851-98-7Methyl 3-oxo-2-pentylcyclopentane acetate
118-58-1Benzyl ortho-hydroxybenzoate
115-95-73,7-Dimethyl-1,6-octadien-3-yl acetate